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The Euro (€) is the official currency of the European Union, and is currently used regularly in sixteen of the European Union Member States. The states that use the Euro as their currency are known as the "Eurozone" and include: France, Greece, Ireland, Finland, Slovenia, Austria, Cyprus, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Malta, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovakia, and Portugal.

Outside of these countries, the Euro is used in 5 additional European countries. More currencies are pegged to the Euro then any other currency besides the US Dollar. The Euro is also the world's second most prevalently traded currency in the world, and is the second largest reserve currency after only the U.S. Dollar. Like most other currencies, the Euro symbol is placed before the numeric monetary value. For example 125 Euros would be written as €125.


Euro coins are issued in denominations of: 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, €1, and €2. In the Netherlands and Finland, certain cash transactions can be rounded to the nearest 5 cents, to avoid using the two smallest denominations. This is done through a voluntary agreement in the Netherlands, and in Finland it is mandated by law.


Euro banknotes are issued in denominations of €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500. Each of the denominations has it's own colour and design, commemorating a particular period in European art. In some of the EU Member States, the higher denominations such as the €100 and €500 banknotes are not issued, but are still considered legal tender.

European Union's Exchange Rate Mechanism

Some other European and Eastern European currencies are pegged to the Euro via the European Union's exchange rate mechanism. Currencies pegged to the Euro include the Bulgarian Lev, Danish Krone, and Estonian Kroon.

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Euro Exchange Rates

Below are a selection of currency exchange rates for the Euro (EUR) converted to other foreign currencies. These rates show what €1 would be exchanged for in the foreign currency. You can view more information on the other currencies by clicking on the three-letter currency code (ISO 4217).

Exchange rates updated: Aug 16, 2013 (CET)
€ 1 = 1.3340 0.8532 130.0300 1.4540 1.3771 1.2354 10.3440 1.6954 17.1412 8.1574 43.8860 7.9015
Inverse 0.7496 1.1720 0.0077 0.6878 0.7262 0.8095 0.0967 0.5898 0.0583 0.1226 0.0228 0.1266

Euro Charts

View charts of the Euro (EUR) compared to other world currencies. Charts are updated with the latest currency exchange rate information and allow you view the currency exchange rates over a range of time periods.

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