Currency Converter - SGD to PHP

The conversion results below show the currency exchange of one Singapore dollar (SGD) converted to Philippine pesos (PHP). To convert another amount, or to select different currencies, please use the converter below.

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Inverse: PHP to SGD
S$ =
Singapore dollar
S$1 = ₱34.3948
Philippine peso
₱1 = S$0.0291

Please note these results will not exactly match the exchange rates you will see on your credit card statement, or receive from a bank or currency exchanger. When you purchase goods in a foreign currency using your credit card, or visit a bank or currency exchange to convert cash, they will typically add a currency conversion fee of 1-5% to the rate, meaning you will actually receive less foreign currency, or alternatively be required to convert more local currency to receive the same amount in the converted currency.

Currency Converter


Currency Chart

Currency chart showing how the value of the Singapore dollar (SGD) has changed in relation to the Philippine peso (PHP) over a 1 year period.

SGD vs. PHP - 1 Year Chart
Please click on the chart to view charts of SGD vs. PHP over different time periods.
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